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The Jungle Hotel Paksong Located inside a valley basin of the Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area, the Jungle Hotel Paksong is actually a tiny village in the midst of dense forest and surrounded by sky-reaching cliffs with thundering waterfalls. It comprises six tree houses, a restaurant and some service facilities.

The Tree Houses
are simply romantic and privacy is guaranteed! These single-room huts, wholly made of indigenous materials high in the crowns of the trees, will give you the feel of being transferred into another world, completely unified with nature. Some of the houses are up to more than 20 m above the ground. Beds, mosquito nets, everything is there for a smooth night. No air-con or fridge, however, but your own toilet! Get up with a hot early morning tea shaker (from a thermos) before you zip – the only way to get in or out - to the restaurant to enjoy a hot or cold shower and usher the dawning day with a hearty breakfast in the jungle. Since the construction materials used for the houses are natural but inflammable (wood, grass roofs), the use of candles is strictly prohibited.


  Tour Packages
we offers this adventure in two packages, currently stretching over either 2 or 3 days, respectively. The tours start and end in Pakse.

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